Dan Rasdall:
I want to tell everyone my story. My 19 yr old son was making his first purchase. He bought a beautiful f150 and the salesman Jessie was amazing. Unfortunately the truck had some serious issues in the motor. I went in to the dealership Monday 3 days after the purchase and talked to the "man" Willie. WOW what a stand up man. I of coarse mad went there with intentions and not very optimistic and this is what happened. My son leaving for the western slope to college also very upset. Willie told me to relax he would make it right. Over 3100 dollars in repairs later at 0 cost to us my son left for college today as planned. He or they didn't have to do this. VERY MUCH THANKS. I will buy more vehicles and will refer all my friends. Thank you Sprinkler Auto and most importantly WILLIE

Chris Tracy
Had a great and easy experience with Andrew. He helped us get my Dad who lives out of state signed on the loan to get a great vehicle with an awesome rate. They navigated the paperwork quickly and really helped us out with no pressure. Thanks Guys!

Sheila Kendrick
Ben is absolutely the best !!! We ended getting a different vehicle than what we went to look.at simple because Ben helped us with a better choice for less money. Also made the financial end a breeze !!! We will go back to Sprinkler Auto Sales for.our next vehicle. Thanks again Ben !!!!

From now on, when looking for a good, reliable, used car, I will check with Sprinkler and Jim Moss first. I just got my second vehicle from Sprinkler. Everyone there at the lot is friendly and sincerely helpful -- nothing fake about these guys! They stock a nice, broad selection of vehicles at competitive prices. That, plus great service, puts them at the top of my list. Thanks again to Jim.

Jason Vasquez
I bought a truck from Jim Moss , And am extremely pleased with his service to me as a consumer , no pressure, let me select the vehicle I wanted . Thank you Jim

Jesse Ivey
Only place that I know of willing to get you into a vehicle and only dealership that will also help. I have purchased 2 vehicles at this establishment and have been exceptionally pleased both times. Thank you Sprinkler and keep up all the hard work!

Jim & Estela Ambrose
Jack, in the garage is the best...he searched for rod for releasing the spare tire from my Dodge ...thanks Jack!

Melissa Galan
⚜️Hello, If you're in the market for a 🚘 used vehicle or if you need one and aren't sure where you're credit margin is........⁉️ ⚜️Let me tell you that these people are super AWESOME! 🔱🎗 There are obviously many factors in making decisions that impact walking away ⚠️ and walking away HAPPILY. 💃🏻🎼 (My situation didn't look good and I honestly went in expecting nothing good) Please stop 🛑 here FIRST 📍before shopping around anywhere else. If you've already been told NO,😱💔 it's time to hear a yes!☘️😬 They really make deals work in the customers favor. Going above and beyond the typical red tape. ✂️ They gave me my freedom, independence and confidence by pushing for me when I was in desperate need of transportation. 🎯 They found a bank lender that would actually look at me as a person and not just a number. They even trusted me to take the car home while the paperwork was being processed with the bank. I've had my Lexus RX 350 for a little over a month now. I did have to replace the alternator and serpentine belt a few days ago (those are expected repairs that come with a used vehicle.) Overall the machanic said this car is in very good condition for being an 08' Please save yourself the trouble, drive up to Longmont so "Sprinkler used automotive" can get you in your new wheels today! You'll be glad you did. Thank you to each and everyone of your staff members who helped me in the process. 🅰️➕ 🏆🥇

Kyndal Arnold
Thank you Heather Lambert, Mike Lambert, Shawn and the Sprinkler Used Car family in assisting me with getting my new car and awesome customer service! No more walking to and from bus stops and riding the bus everywhere. Thank you again! Hugs to you all!

Nick P
Just purchased a Toyota Sequoia from Sprinkler. I am super happy with my purchase and I will be coming back again!